Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine Magic Man

The greeting card companies have failed to produce a line of cards suitable for public defenders, who have a unique combination of dark humor and sappy sentimentality (or maybe that's just me).  These valentine's cards are for all of you public defenders out there--not specifically PD-themed, but more something that your PD-Love would appreciate.

I wanted to make something with the "Live What You Love" slogan, in a sort of '70s way, but with a PD theme. The best symbol for PD work I could come up with was a silhouette of a lawyer talking to a jury.

Somehow, the image wasn't quite right. The truth is, I kind of hate trials. Or I hate them until they're over. Then, if I won, I loved every minute of it; but if I lost, I still hate it. So, this is better:

Ever had one of those weeks? You know, the kind where the jail won't let you see you client in the contact room due to non-existent "safety" concerns; the court sets its own motion to continue a trial date, denies its own motion to continue, cancels its vacation due to the denial of its own motion, and then implies that all of this is somehow your fault? This would be a nice card to get during one of those weeks:


This one is for the ladies:

This card is to thank the DUI lawyers for handling these complex yet tediously similar cases, because I never did totally understand that damned machine.

This card is for the gal who does my filing for me as a favor, or when she fears I might be killed by a stack of paper. I thought I had been fired last week when I walked past my office and it looked like all of my stuff had been removed. In reality, she had done my filing. :)


Anita Moore said...

That shoe one puts me in mind of the time I went to work wearing two different shoes. It wasn't until I was walking up to court that I realized one foot felt squishier than the other and finally looked down. Oh well. At least they were the same color.

And I take it the one above the shoe one is an old-time Intoxylizer?

carol d said...

I did that, too! (so glad to know that I'm not the only one) I like to use the excuse that I was 8 mos pregnant at the time, so couldn't really see my feet; but it was really because the lighting in my closet is poor and I'm a little bit flaky. Just the other day, a jail guard (female) said to me, "Remember that time you wore two different shoes to court?" And I said, "That was 10 years ago--isn't there a statute of limitations on fashion crimes?"

The note I have on the photo says, DUI 1951, so I think it is an old-time intoxylizer.

KRG said...

I am sure that it was just as accurate as the new ones are.