Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from Vacation-Sleuthing

Although it may appear that I have been on vacation, all of you PDs out there know that my vacation alibi is baloney, because PDs are never really on vacation. I have actually been performing top-secret investigation that could only be accomplished in "deep cover."

(I also watched all of Burn Notice on my vacation. I am now a secret operative.)

I've also been involved in research and development for jewelry for the PD Revolution Etsy store.

All of the usual stuff: trial-chicken earrings, no dump-truck pendants, not-guilty dangles ...

Oh look, a little glass bottle designed to contain a powerful elixer. What to put in it ...

Ultimately, a variety of PD Charms were developed.

Oh little getting-out-of jail men: Why aren't you facing the same way?

The magnets weren't quite right ...

And who would ever thing that knitting copper wire would be a good idea?

Fortunately, after extensive testing, a few designs made the cut. Watch for new listings in the etsy story in the next couple of days.