Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from Vacation-Sleuthing

Although it may appear that I have been on vacation, all of you PDs out there know that my vacation alibi is baloney, because PDs are never really on vacation. I have actually been performing top-secret investigation that could only be accomplished in "deep cover."

(I also watched all of Burn Notice on my vacation. I am now a secret operative.)

I've also been involved in research and development for jewelry for the PD Revolution Etsy store.

All of the usual stuff: trial-chicken earrings, no dump-truck pendants, not-guilty dangles ...

Oh look, a little glass bottle designed to contain a powerful elixer. What to put in it ...

Ultimately, a variety of PD Charms were developed.

Oh little getting-out-of jail men: Why aren't you facing the same way?

The magnets weren't quite right ...

And who would ever thing that knitting copper wire would be a good idea?

Fortunately, after extensive testing, a few designs made the cut. Watch for new listings in the etsy story in the next couple of days.


jbontrager78 said...

Ooo, can't wait to buy one of the constitution pendants!

Lee Stonum said...

wow, this revolution was commoditized and sold out quicker than most.

Rural and I mean RURAL, Idaho said...

I so want a "I see not guilty people" pendant and magnet.

carol d said...


I think there is a difference between selling something and selling out. To me, "selling out" means betraying your cause for a personal benefit--but every time a person benefits from a cause does not mean that they are selling out.

I made the PD etsy store for a couple of reasons: 1) I like to make stuff; 2) when I have tried to find PD merchandise for myself (a poster for my office, a "Don't Fuck With Me" necklace), I have been dismayed to find that there is next to nothing out there. Over the years, PD friends and I have talked about items we would like to put in our PD store (prosecutor repellent, for example). Since no one else is making this stuff and I like to make stuff, it seemed natural that I should try to make it.

I think selling items made by PDs to PDs is revolutionary. I am a big fan of the subversive craft movement, and think that one of the powers of the internet is the ability to reach micro-audiences. Would it be better if a corporation made PD items? Isn't it better to make things that we like ourselves, and profit (if possible) ourselves? For an illustration of the modern craftifesto, use this link

I also think that products can be important in fostering group identity and pride--something PDs sorely need. The internet is full of items targeted at police, firefighters, doctors, etc., but all I can find for PDs is a couple of items on cafe press.

To me, "selling out" PDR might be accepting advertising for the blog, or accepting gifts or doing anything that would keep me from expressing my honest opinion. But making PD stuff that I like to make, that other PDs want to buy, and then selling it at a reasonable price? One might call this silly and superficial (although I don't really think it is), but "selling out" it is not.

I suspect that your real complaint may be that I should be spending my time writing (for free), rather than making stuff to sell. I actually kind of agree with this, but my brain is unruly and won't always let me write when I think I should write.

As always, Lee, I appreciate your comments and your protective stance toward the cause. And look what you did--you got me to write something. :)

p.s. Although I would not mind making money from the store, I spend way more money making the stuff than I bring in.

Lee Stonum said...


I was joking, a little.

I don't actually think you've sold out anything. I also don't think this site represents a real revolution of any kind. I think it is a great blog and your thoughts and stories are important, funny and interesting.

I have thought, since pretty early on, that you took the great title of your blog a little too seriously. Its not a revolution, its a really good blog (that I wish had more content) that from time to time champions line attorneys doing more than we currently are about our caseloads.

Like many blogs, I think you bit off a little more than you could chew and may not have expected the kind of immediate following you would gain and, yes, I'd like to see more writing.

I think the store is actually cool. I don't think PDs selling Pd stuff to PDs is revolutionary and kind of wish you'd stop using that word so loosely, but I do agree with all the things you said about group identity, just kind of disappointed that the first new content on here in a while is an ad for crafts.

Now, all that said, I have a suggestion. Long ago, there was a comic book called "Public Defender." The covers are awesome. I bought a reprint poster of one on Ebay, but it was really awful quality. I think you need to find the originals and scan them at better resolution and make some T-shirts and posters of those. I'll definitely buy that.

Also, despite my snarky comment, i did open up the store. Haven't looked yet, but I will soon and I'm sure I'll buy something.


Anonymous said...

Wow are kind of an asshole. I am not sure that Carol should care one bit about what the word "Revolution: means to Lee, but I, for one, do not give a damn.

Anyone who can muster up some pride and get a group of public defenders to keep fighting the good fight is doing an important service. Plus, don't we all "bite off more than we can chew" somewhat regularly?

barbara said...

PD jewelry! YAY!

may i suggest some kangaroo earrings, or pins, or pendants, to wear to juvenile court?

i love pd revolution, and while it is not a revolution will be.

when? when pds stop bragging about how hard they are working, and work smart instead.

and say NO to judges, and management, who keep on insisting that we do more with less time and fewer resources.


AKevin said...

Can this please be one place where people don't resort to calling non-judges or non-prosecutors assholes? Please?

Lee made his point, Carol opposed, and Lee replied. If supplemental briefing is needed, I'm sure Carol will grant herself permission to so post.

Or this could devolve ... huzzah! The interent = serious business.

Lee Stonum said...

Anonymous name calling? You must be a prosecutor. Speaking of pride, have some and attack your name to your words.

Lee Stonum said...


AKevin said...

Let's all celebrate the one month anniversary of this entry. Only six more days until the two month anniversary of the previous entry.

Actually, when I first read this blog, I kept asking myself: how the hell does a public defender have the time to think these things, let alone put them into cohesive posts? After a while, it became clear that these were ideas that had been percolating and subject to refining for a good bit of time. I'll patiently await while more posts percolate.

That or you got an iPhone or Droid and can't quit messing with it.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting a long time to hear more. Public Defenders never quit.

Anonymous said...

I guess there are lots of possible reasons for a busy blog-writer not to post. But this blog has been so great that I find myself hoping its recent absence doesn't have to do with a couple of misunderstandings in recent comments. First, as to whether this is an authentic revolution or not -- nothing changes until someone identifies a problem and dreams of a better way. Given the false sense of this-is-how-it-has-to-be that paralyzes much public defender administration (and leaves line PDs feeling resigned), the blog has been authentically revolutionary. And as for "selling out" -- gee, even Marx lived for years on Engels' earnings in a Manchester textile business. The writing in this blog has been so crisp, funny and thought-provoking . . . whether or not it's possible to keep writing, it has certainly been appreciated.

carol d said...

OK Everybody--I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long; I want to, believe me. I've had to take care of some personal issues which have made it impossible for me to write, despite a great desire to do so. All I can say is: Soon, I hope. My brain is slowly re-engaging, and I may be able to formulate sentences any day now. :)

In the meantime, submit a post! I know there are a bunch of PD writers out there, so help a gal--and the rest of us--out!

And no, none of the comments are the cause at all--debate is a good thing. And regarding the PD store: I know that I'm not the first one to market propaganda.