Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Martha Stewart + PD Revolutionary =

Between traveling the week before last, and fighting, fighting, fighting last week, I'm behind on my posts about the San Franscisco Justice Summit and the ABA National Public Defense Symposium in Knoxville. Excessive fighting steers me toward making things, rather than writing things, but I put the time to good PD Revolutionary use by devising some Defender Stationary this weekend (note to self: it would be a lot easier to send thank-you notes if you would just buy cards at the freaking store; note to those deserving thank-you notes: they're coming and quite lovely; note to history: depicted below may be the first ever Sisyphus-lined envelope). Also, the conferences sparked so many ideas that I've had to break the subject down into a series of posts. Thus, coming tomorrow, the first post in a new series: We Are All Revolutionaries!

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lolaforpresident said...

Those are lovely. I wish I could do that.