Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PD Office Paraphernalia Wish List

I have to say that my iphone is the best paraphernalia (legal or otherwise) I've ever owned. I can schedule appointments with my clients in court and have the appointment transferred to my work calendar complete with a reminder (I've had phones that were supposed to do this before, but somehow it never worked out). I can also research a quick PC issue at the stinky docket via the internet, or text someone (like in the middle of trial) and have them email me a case. Every phone number in the county directory is magically on my phone. I can also make graffiti.

During a tedious calendar call, I can morph myself onto the statue of liberty to annoy nearby prosecutors.

My precious needs a comfy chair.

This is the only Bluetooth handset that my phone finds acceptable.

To keep the iphone's living space clean, a zamboni-desk vacuum.

But there is one place that I won't take my phone, and unfortunately this is where I have my best trial ideas.

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