Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Public Defender Heroes: Update

A PD Hero (see, For MLK Day, Public Defender Heroes), submitted by an anonymous reader:

On any given Friday afternoon in the public defenders' office, Jorgé (not his real name) will hold "court" for newbies and veterans alike.  In Jorgé's office, one can seek advice on how to deal with that unreasonable prosecutor, difficult client, or troubling ruling from the judge ... he is a true war-time consiliari, with advice that is consistently right-on.  I have always wanted to make a sign that says "Advice: $Free" for his door.  Jorgé is a ninja pd--he achieves great results, but with a modesty that declines the ego recognition many of us need--the same modesty that will make him super mad that he is included in this post.  (But we don't care--we are rebels!)  I would have quit thirteen years ago (before I graduated from law school) without his guidance and example. Jorgé is a true believer and an inspiration to all of us.  If what we do in life really echos in eternity, Jorgé's compassion and mad skills will live on.

Jorgé, you are our hero.

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