Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Not Brake

Sometimes it's worth coming to work just to read the police reports.  Yesterday I ended up crawling around under my desk, due to a missing evidence DVD.  Instead of the DVD (which I found later in my car's CD player), I found an old police report that had somehow escaped my tidy drawer.

The paragraph circled in red reads: 

"I then proceded to the assault in progress running code (emergency overhead warning lights activated).  While traveling west on Ford-Wellpinit Road at a high rate of speed of approximately 80 mph or more I encountered a large Porky Pine in my lane of travel."

(Just in case you think I mis-typed some of the above:)

"At approximately one hundred feet or less I attempted to scare the animal off the road way by using the siren/horn.  This attempt failed causing the animal to stop and look directly at me, as it appeared to stand up."

"I struck the animal with my patrol car and it seemed to be stuck under my vehicle for a short distance then it became free from my vehicle. I advised dispatch of the collision and continued to monitor my gauges, which did not indicate any signs of serious damage."

No, Mr. True Purr, I'm fairly certain Mr. Pine got away.


While I was crawling around under my desk, a friend came into my office, to make sure I hadn't completely lost it. I showed her the Porky Pine story, which reminded her that she had recently found some old papers stuck in the back of a drawer.

This first picture is a sign her 9-year-old daughter (now in graduate school) drew while waiting for her mom's first jury verdict. The sign reminded me when when my own (then six-year-old) daughter came into the house crying after a walk with a friend and the friend's dad.   She told me that they had seen a man offering to work because he didn't have any money. (I wanted to ask, Exactly why do you think I go to work?) She said that the friend's dad told her that the man was offering to work because he was poor, and didn't have enough money to buy food and clothes for his family. (Or he needed to fuel his meth habit, I refrained from adding.) 

Figuring that this was a moment a good parent would capitalize on, I said, "It's true--some people are poor and don't have enough money to have a home or feed their families."  Then, feeling a bit righteous, "You know, a big part of my job is to help poor people."

"Yeah," she said, crossing her arms, "When they kill other people!"

My friend's daughter, a more mature age eight, had a precocious understanding of the beauty of the words "not guilty" and "jail break":

Next is an after-school project made by the same gal's son, then 8, with the theme, "Things I Like." On first glance, the work seems, while adorable, fairly typical--"My pet bird is a parakeet," and "In my free time I like to play with my friends and play soccer," and "The thing I like about school is math because I like to do it."  But the pink corner is worth checking out:

"The Thing I like about myself, I'm not a Republican."


REvers said...

Porky Pine is nothing. I have a police report in my office that says, "The suspect made a spontaneous uterus."

I'm pretty sure the cop meant "utterance" but I'm not totally sure....

Anonymous said...

I had one in a taser case where the report said "...he did approach the officers several times in a threatening manner while the officers were conducting a lawful investigation by means of INTIMIDATION and INTERFERING"

Anonymous said...

I have a public defender and I am innocent of a misdemeanor level 3 charges for trespass 3.
I was framed by a slumlord and arrested just for going out into my backyard. I never was arrested until this time, ie late middle-age.
My case has been set back four times, and when I go to trial I will be one week short of 11 months. My PD tried to get me to plead guilty to a lesser charge to get rid of my case, to dump-truck me.
I am so furious about what has happened to me
I dont know where to begin or end.
When I asked my PD that it didnt look very good she just shrugged.
In other words, Im being shafted over and over again and now my PD has stabbed me in the back too.
my only crime was being poor and thinking I had rights. I have no where to turn and most nights I vomit uncontrollably because I am so upset about this nightmare.
Two of my witnesses dont speak english and I was set back two more months because they need a spanish interpreter. Unbelievable.
Just to let you public defenders know that getting or forcing clients to take a plea is a violation of our constutional rights
Its just great to know that the one person who is supposed to be in my camp doesnt give a damn and doesnt even believe me. thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Anon, Just remember that your PD has an ethical obligation to inform you of any plea offer made by the prosecutor (no matter how good or bad they may think it is) and that any decision to plea is yours and yours alone. Still, your PD has to tell you when she doesn't think the facts of the case are very strong, despite what your belief may be. I've seen quite a few people make very bad decisions regarding rejecting plea offers and going to trial on facts that their PD told them were weak because they thought "There's no way I'll be convicted on this."

As for the delays, a case continued is a case not lost - lots of times, the prosecutor's winesses forget, move, get arrested themselves, etc...all of which can be very helpful to your case. The delay for the interpreter is entirely reasonable. Never look a gift continuance in the mouth.

Lee said...

A continuance for a prosecution witness to get an interpreter is not at all reasonable nor is it good cause that would trump your speedy trial rights in most jurisdictions, but then it is also not entirely plausible that this is what happened.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the phrase "two of my witnesses" meant defense witnesses, which would attribute the delay for the interpreter to a defense motion.