Thursday, March 11, 2010


I also found under my desk a large glossy booklet I had stolen accepted as a free gift from the lobby of the prosecutor's office.  It is also possible that I accepted three or four of these, but purely in the name of continuing legal education.

This booklet, designed for children who are forced to testify in court, is a creepy combination of propaganda and games.  At least it's fairly honest about the prosecutorial function. (click to enlarge)

I think I should invite the book's illustrator to our Friday Pre-Trial docket, because the following picture appears halcyon by comparison.  Friday Pre-Trials ("the crazy docket") are held in a courtroom with a capacity of 50 people despite the fact that 200 people need to be in the room.  The fire marshall has shut it down before, and there is a lot of mooing as cranky lawyers try to push their way through the crowd.

The best part of the booklet, though--definitely in the attractive nuisance category--is the game board and game pieces. I hoped that if I played, I could finally find the answer to "What's My Job in Court?"

So I cut the pieces out:


We have 12 Superior Court (our felony court) Judges in This Here County and there are 12 game pieces. Coincidence? I think not.

Velcro will help keep all of the judges in their places!

I think they look happy, don't you?

Finally, we can all agree upon rules for the game, publish these rules in an impressive treatise, and then play the game, even though some of the players refuse to read the rules. Almost as fun as real life, but without the mooing! 


Anonymous said...

My paralegal thinks I just lost my mind, I can't stop laughing.

jbontrager78 said...

Awesome. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Mirriam Seddiq said...

You might be a genius.